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Google still got it

With emergence of explosive social media platforms such as TikTok, there has been a lot of conversations about future of search engines and the role of SEO in generating business results. The study conducted by Rand Fishkin in partnership with SparkToro and clickstream data provider Datos sheds light on the current landscape of web traffic referrals. Google still dominates referral market with a share that is larger than all its competitors combined. Meaning that SEO is far from being dead and the role of a well-structured, optimized website is as important as ever.

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Does your business have a villain? Marketing lesson from application with a death wish

In 2019 Hinge, a popular dating app told everyone that they want to be deleted off their phones.

This application claimed it had a death wish, an actual death wish.

The company created Hingy, a mascot in the form of the app logo, and proceeded to destroy it in commercials in dozens of ways, showing potential Hinge users that they want them to find true love and delete the app.

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Name one tool you use all the time that you happily pay more money for. I’ll go first

It’s called Mixmax. I have no affiliation with them. It’s a100 employee company and they have raised tens of millions of dollars recently in financing.

Everyone’s heard of Calendly, right? You send someone a link, they open it, they can see all the different times on your calendar and book a time with you. It’s amazing,

But Mixmax has tons more bells and whistles and is completely free.

Their Gmail plugin makes it really easy to drop in all the different calendar links for a 30-minute meeting, sales calls, etc. You can insert different questions to pre-qualify.

This is by far the coolest feature. If you drag a PDF into the email. It will create a preview in the email so that people don’t forget to open up the attachment.

You can also check this Lightning Bowl on any email. It’ll show you how many times someone opened your email.

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9 useful video hook templates to liven up your content

Here are nine video hook templates that you need to use in your social media marketing. If you’re not familiar with the term, the hook is what grabs your viewers’ attention so that they consume your content.

  1. You won’t believe …
  2. This is going to blow your mind
  3. X reasons you should [fill in the blank]
  4. X number of things I wish I knew before [fill in the blank]
  5. How I got from here to here, in a specified amount of time.
  6. X number of things you should do before [fill in the blank].
  7. Top five tools, creators, websites, whatever that you need for XYZ
  8. If you’re not receiving [fill in the result], then you need to be doing [fill in the advice].


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Universal formula to write a catchy headline

Use this formula to write catchy headlines for your blogs, website, and social media updates.



Learn how to fight your speeding ticket Ontario in 30 minutes without spending a dime.

TOP 5 cybersecurity certifications you can get right now without going to college.




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Where are your ideal customers hanging out online?

If you can’t answer that question, you’ve already lost the battle of getting in front of them.

Here’s exactly what you can do to know the WHERE:

✅ Survey your existing and potential customers (I really like Typeform).

✅ Check search terms to see what search results may be relevant for your audience.

✅ Use Google or SimilarWeb to find similar websites to the ones you selected above (In Google, add queries like “verse,” “verses,” “alternatives,” “sites like,” “similar sites” onto the end of the domains).

✅ Look for forums, Q&A sites, communities and groups related to your industry.

✅ Use tools like SparkToro to find what your audience reads, listens to, watches, follows, shares, and talks about online.

✅ Find influencers and/or authority bloggers that are popular in your niche.

✅ Monitor competitor mentions with Hootsuite or Sprout Social, Inc.

Anything else you’d like to add?

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COVID-19 and Your Digital Marketing

Google provided advice on what businesses should do with their Google My Business listings if they’re affected by COVID-19.

To assist customers, businesses affected by COVID-19 are encouraged to update their Google My Business profile with with the most accurate information.

Google has published a new GMB help page with further recommendations, which include:

  • Change business hours: If your business hours have changed, update the times when you’ll be open or closed.
  • Update business description: Explain whether or not your business operations are affected by COVID-19. Additionally, you can share information about any extra precautions your business is taking.
  • Publish a post: Share detailed and timely updates about what’s going on with your business through Google Posts.
  • Update contact info: Make sure your phone number is correct so that customers can reach you.

These are all tools that were previously available to businesses, so there are no new features being added. Google is just advising businesses on how to best utilize GMB in light of the coronavirus situation.

Perhaps specific features related to COVID-19 will be added in the future, but this is what’s available for now.