In 2019 Hinge, a popular dating app told everyone that they want to be deleted off their phones.

It’s called Mixmax. I have no affiliation with them. It’s a100 employee company and they have raised tens of millions of dollars recently in financing. Everyone’s heard of Calendly, right? You send someone a link, they open it, they can…

Build this simple prototype for any start-up idea you may have.

Create a landing page explaining in a very simple way the following: the problem your idea solves, how your product works, and specifically it will benefit the customers

Then create an email capture form to elicit customer commitment to the idea by asking for their email and promising to update them once the full product becomes available.

Tell them they’ll get special deals and discounts as your first customers. This should increase the conversion rate of the form.


Here are nine video hook templates that you need to use in your social media marketing. If you’re not familiar with the term, hook is what grabs your viewers attention so that they consume your content.

Use this formula to write catchy headlines for your blogs, website, and social media updates.

UPD: the original documentary video has been removed by YouTube. Posting the clip with my dad only. In the Russian language.

British Broadcasting Corporation recently published its entire archives of sound effects that had been collected since 1920. 

Another interesting resource for audiophiles: Yellowstone sound library…/photosmultimedia/soundlibrary.htm


If you can’t answer that question, you’ve already lost the battle of getting in front of them. Here’s exactly what you can do to know the WHERE: ✅ Survey your existing and potential customers (I really like Typeform). ✅ Check…

📙 April Dunford – Obviously Awesome This book provides a great step by step process that any startup can follow to position their product, service, or company. 📘 Nancy Duarte – Resonate This book shares the underlying story form of…