8 WordPress CRM Solutions for Your Business or Nonprofit

Keeping track of your leads, contacts and community members is of the utmost importance for growing and communicating with your customer base. Many businesses are turning to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions to help them keep in touch. If your site runs on WordPress, you will be able to save quite a bit of time by using a CRM that directly integrates with your contact form and site membership. This is especially helpful if you have a strongly sales-oriented business or donor-driven nonprofit. Streamline your communication flow and never let your prospects fall through the cracks again.

We’ve prepared a a list of CRMs that integrate with WordPress. All of the options here are updated and ready to go with WordPress 3.0.

WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM

WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce CRM creates a solid integration between your WordPress install(s) and your Salesforce CRM account! People can enter a contact form on your site, and the lead goes straight into Salesforce CRM. Learn more about how you can 
capture more leads with WordPress and Salesforce CRM.

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RoloPress is an Open Source Contact Manager, licensed under GPL v2, and built on the WordPress. It uses standard WordPress features like Posts, Custom Fields and Custom Taxonomies to transform WordPress into a contact Manager. You can also expand its functionality with themes and plugins

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WP Highrise

This plugin generates a form which you can drop on any page or post. When a visitor fills the form, the data will be sent to you via email and it will also be sent to your 37signals 
Highrise account so that you can easily manage and record information from contacts through your website.

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Capsule Web2Lead

This plugin provides a widget that allows the user to place a web to lead form in their side bar. When a visitor fills in the form a lead is inserted into the users Capsule CRM account.

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WICE Contact for WordPress

The WICE Contact for WordPress plugin allows you to build a contact form that you can place on your site via a shortcode. The plugin will send the data to WICE CRM-Groupware, a web-based solution for customer relationship management. WICE CRM-Groupware automatically adds the new address and contact person and starts a new ticket for further contact management.

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This plugin does something a little different. Anytime a visitor posts a comment on your blog his details will be captured in the 
BatchBook CRM system.

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SugarCRM is a commercial open source CRM software for sales force automation and customer support. This plugin enables you to access SugarCRM using its SOAP interface.

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Gravity Forms plus Constant Contact

Gravity Forms makes the bridge between WordPress and Constant Contact, which is becoming more than just an email marketing service and now includes event and social media marketing to your contacts.

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If you’re aware of any more third party CRMs that have tools for integrating with WordPress please feel free to share in the comments.