Office 365 not being used to its full potential

Ambition is what defines whether or not a software developer will succeed in an increasingly competitive industry. Corporations such as Microsoft are constantly pushing the envelope on how much it can improve its programs.

As of late, the company has realized that designing a comprehensive platform capable of hosting multiple applications is what the contemporary enterprise typically desires. As a result, many businesses are investing in Microsoft certification courses to provide their employees with the knowledge necessary to yield these complex systems.

Getting acquainted with what’s already there
It seems as if Microsoft releases a new update every six months for almost every system it produces. The IT industry is a fast-adapting machine with new innovations being added to its arsenal on a yearly basis. Still, there are untapped, undercapitalized applications in the current Microsoft Office 365 deployment that many business professionals don’t know how to properly harness.

According to Ian Paul, a contributor to PC World, there are several features in Office 365 Home Premium that are either improperly utilized or overlooked. A system is only as good as the employees attempting to use it, so Microsoft training programs and other related classes are offering extensive knowledge of these applications.

Such an investment may seem extraneous, but given the deal Microsoft is presenting to consumers, it appears to be worth it. Paul noted that the corporation stated customers would only pay $100 per year to obtain access to all of the available tools, while retaining the right to install them on up to 5 PCs. Among these benefits is the addition of extra Skype minutes and OneDrive storage.

Paul reviewed five applications that are defining the Office deployment:

  • Live collaboration and simple sharing tools enable users to co-edit documents and view one another’s activity in real time.
  • The program offers employees two different ways to chat. The desktop version is generally easy to work with, while the Office Online version may be a little tricky for first-time users.
  • Office’s commenting system is organized into blocks, instead of balloons. When a user hovers over a comment, Word immediately displays the section it’s attached to.
  • Although the Office for Android application doesn’t have the live capabilities of its PC counterparts, it’s incredibly convenient for those who want to make a quick edit or read comments.
  • Finally the Web tools integrate well with desktop-based programs. For example, Excel Online has the ability to create freeze panes and Word automatically saves documents.

Still room for improvements 
However, Paul seemed somewhat befuddled by some of the real-time features, primarily due to the fact that the program had to establish extra steps in order to allow multiple applications to run at the same time. These minor complications could be better understood with the assistance of a Microsoft training course, but they may be eliminated after the company implements further updates.

Of course, Microsoft is already planning ahead of Paul’s critiques. Cite World reported that the organization announced its plan to make Office 365 a more enlightened collaboration platform through new social tools, application programming interfaces and other features at its SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas last month.

After acknowledging some of the issues with the current deployment the corporation stated that it will release Oslo, a new application capable of processing data in Office 365. will also analyze the actions of individual employees, connecting them with documents pertaining to their work load.

“By displaying the documents and colleagues that are most relevant to people at any given time, Oslo will provide insights to help people focus their work priorities, said Alan Lepofsky, a Constellation Research analyst, as quoted by the news source.

With Oslo and the new updates considered, businesses may want to invest wherever they can to attain the most usage out of these deployments.

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