Integrating SharePoint and Social Knowledge Networks

Inmagic has come out with a new version of Presto, a social knowledge network solution, that integrates tightly with SharePoint. Just another way to share all the information stored in one of the most popular collaboration platforms.

Social Knowledge Networks

Knowledge Management is always a big topic in organizations. Social knowledge management (SKN) is probably an even bigger one considering the number of social software solutions available today. 
Inmagic has come out with a new version of their SKN: Presto 3.3 that provides a number of improvements in the areas of productivity, usability, security and, of course, integration with SharePoint.

Some of the improvements include:

Profile customization and personalization, and making the People content type searchable

Improved RSS feeds such as customizable display

Federated search adapters can be created to access external content sources

Cloning of Home Pages allows administrators to easily manage a SKN and users

Presto SKN

In addition to these changes, Inmagic also improved deployment and performance capabilities.

Integrating with SharePoint

What’s even more interesting is the tighter integration with SharePoint. The use of SharePoint within organizations today means there is a lot of content that may need to be shared in communities — communities not offered with SharePoint 2007. With Presto, organizations can set up communities to share knowledge that includes content residing in SharePoint document libraries and lists.

The integration revolves around the searching of content.

Presto – SharePoint integration

Presto offers a number of web parts that reside within SharePoint, allowing users to search the Presto SKN and display results within the SharePoint environment such as the Presto Search Web Part. In addition, you can search across SharePoint sites from within Presto directly.

Presto is designed to support organizations who have large knowledge management requirements. And while it does integrate with SharePoint, it is a standalone application.

You can learn more about the Presto SKN by visiting the Inmagic website.