A new study from security firm Barracuda Labs provides some interesting insights into the state of the Twitterverse. Unfortunately for the microblogging startup, the stats say that most of its users aren’t very active.

During the past two years, Forrester has seen the number of enterprise mobility inquiries rise by nearly 55%, jumping to 550-plus inquiries in 2008. Read what Forrester has uncovered in their latest report on Enterprise Mobility trends. In the past…

Running an e-commerce website is a never-ending task, from trying to squeeze that extra bit of conversion rate out of the check-out page to figuring out which referrers give you the best traffic. There’s also a plethora of tools out…

Just discussed a great book on viral marketing Unleashing The Ideavirus in the class. Seth Godin, one of the forefathers of the modern-day viral marketing concept, actually encourages you to download it and share it with other people.

Six principles of viral marketing based on today’s presentation at Internet marketing class

How do you combine Twitter with Facebook and your website to create an effective online marketing strategy that is more than the sum of the parts?

More than 362 million touchscreen mobile devices will be sold worldwide in 2010, according to a new report from Gartner Research.

It’s been just a matter of weeks since Steve Jobs announced the impending release of the new Apple iPad tablet.

In a video interview with Mashable, Aaron Filner, an Adobe group product manager, talks about what he sees as misperceptions of the relationship between HTML5 and Flash.

The same day The Washington Post launched its new paid iPhone app, its technology columnist Rob Pegoraro suggested to readers that it was not worth the $1.99. Pegoraro, wrting in the Faster Forward blog on the Post Web site said,…