About me

[st_column8]I am a digital marketing professional from Ottawa, Ontario. For over 12 years I’ve been helping businesses in Canada and around the world to establish a meaningful online presence.

Contact me with your questions about search online marketing strategy, engine optimization, content creation, web development, lead generation and social media marketing.

[st_highlight background_color=”#faf03a” text_color=”#444444″]I have a proven record of improving website usability to increase conversions and sales.[/st_highlight][/st_column8][st_column4]

Alex Barankevych[/st_column4]

[st_column8]Here’s how I can help you:

– Analyze your business practice and recommend a digital marketing strategy that will work best.

– Analyze your existing web presence and see what can be done to improve its performance.

– Design, develop, launch your corporate website. Manage it in a way that generates traffic, new leads and sales.

– Identify promising marketing channels and develop an individual strategy to fully explore each channel’s potential. The list of channels includes but is not limited to Organic search (SEO), Paid Search (SEM), content development, social media (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), viral marketing and many more.



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