Google just confirmed the Rollout of the Real Time Penguin today on the Official Google Webmasters Central Blog.


There’s a lot of noise about content marketing today. Everyone’s talking about it. Businesses today need content marketing. It’s a critical aspect of being visible in today’s digital busy world, so why? There’s an abundance of information out there on…


At the end of each year, Apple recognizes the most noteworthy new apps and games and n I tell AppStore. This year’s list includes photography apps, communication apps, entertainment apps, and more.  Periscope, the popular livestreaming app that Twitter acquired…


Can’t say I was surprised to hear that Apple is likely to rid the 3.5mm Headphone Jack from the next iPhone model. In a way I am surprised Apple hasn’t done it sooner.


Google has just released a 160-page PDF document called Search Quality Rating Guidelines putting and end to years of speculations about  factors affecting website rankings on Google search result pages. (more…)


Consumers are now generating over a quarter of content that affects the way brands present themselves in search engines. Those same  consumers tend to that content more any promotional materials that brands generate themselves. No need to explain how important…


Ambition is what defines whether or not a software developer will succeed in an increasingly competitive industry. Corporations such as Microsoft are constantly pushing the envelope on how much it can improve its programs.

Because of the large number of technologies falling under the IT umbrella, it’s often difficult for enterprises and individuals to figure out which certifications they should invest in.


In the 20th century, nearly every marketing problem had one solution—the 30 second TV ad.  If you had a product to sell, you could reach everybody you needed to with a powerful, highly polished message in a very short period…